Richard, a brash young American traveller in search of exotic experiences leads his friends to a secret island paradise off the coast of Thailand, only to find that those who discovered paradise first are willing to kill to keep it for themselves. 


Director Danny Boyle and writer John Hodge, who did such a great job adapting Trainspotting to the screen, have fumbled with this version of Alex Garland's novel. Making Richard an American is ok I suppose, but giving him two sexual relationships is a bit much – there were none in the book. 

The first hour of the film is good, with a lovely performance from Virginie Ledoyen as the French girl Richard lusts after. The second hour goes precipitously downhill. 

Margaret: In think Danny Boyle is a really good director, and I think we've forgotten what a really good performer Leonardo DiCaprio is. He's so talented. I thought it was a wonderful journey, an understandable journey for contemporary times with children of that generation wanting to get away from everything that's mucking about Western society. ★★★★


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1 hour 59 min
In Cinemas 11 February 2000,