The latest TV show to be turned into a movie by Hollywood is Bewitched, the beloved 1960s series that made Elizabeth Montgomery a household name playing suburban witch Samantha Stevens.Samantha has been renamed and revamped for this movie. Nicole Kidman, who we last saw in Birth, gets to pop on the pointy hat and play single girl Isobel, the good witch of the West Coast.Witch Isobel Bigelow (Kidman) wants the quiet life and suburban bliss. Despite of her father Nigel?s protests (Michael Caine), Isobel moves to a ?picket fence? neighbourhood near Hollywood and waits to meet the perfect man. He turns out to be more imperfect however. Will Ferrell plays hack actor Jack Wyatt, who just happens to be in talks to revive the TV series Bewitched. Jack talent spots Isobel for the show and she talent spots him as a potential beau. It all goes downhill from there?In spite of its tricky post-modern plot, Bewitched isn?t much chop. The co-writers and director ? serial ?chick flick? offenders, The Sisters Ephron, Delia (The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants) and Nora (Sleepless In Seattle) - got this chick flick so wrong. Isobel is such a limply drawn character and Kidman is as uncomfortable in the part as she was as playing the lead in the recent Stepford Wives remake. And as she should be, after all Samantha Stevens was such a powerful figure in the TV show and Isobel is but a flake. Screen veterans Michael Caine and Shirley Maclaine are utterly wasted in their support roles, and while Will Ferrell gives it his best shot with a few good scenes (no doubt improvised), Bewitched is a pretty messy affair and worse, a wasted opportunity. Like Josie And The Pussycats (a very underrated TV show-to-film adaptation), Betwitched had industry satire written all over it (plus it could have been quite a magical ?rom com?, a la Kate and Leopold). Instead it?s all smoke and mirrors.