In the midst of a nervous breakdown in the days leading up to the primary election campaign of 1996, Senator Jay Bulworth (Warren Beatty) hires a hit man, Vinnie (Richard Sarafian), to assassinate him during the final campaign weekend – after making a deal with a corrupt lobbyist Crockett (Paul Sorvino) for $10 million life insurance to benefit his daughter. But Bulworth’s newly found freedom to speak honestly - and a meeting with Nina (Halle Berry), a beautiful, intelligent African-American woman raised by 60s activists, give him new enthusiasm to live. How then, can he stop the 'hit’ he has put on himself"¦

The Clinton era has spawned a trio of trenchant film satires, but Bulworth is by far the best.

Senator Jay Bullington Bulworth, a Californian Democrat up for re-election, believes, so he says, in the old fashioned values; honesty, decency, fidelity. He opposes affirmative action and he`s very much against handouts. That`s his official line. But Bulworth is sick and tired of politics, of the same old lies, the same old bromides. He`s decided to end it all - and so now he`s free to tell the truth.

Warren Beatty has always been politically left of centre. Even when he was a superstar, in the 60s and 70s, he chose his projects with care and no-one but him could have made, at great cost, Reds, the biography of America`s most famous Communist. The Clinton era has spawned a trio of trenchant film satires (Primary Colors, Wag The Dog), but Bulworth is by far the best of them.