David S. Goyer, the screenwriter of the first two instalments in the Blade series, gets his shot in the director?s chair with Blade: Trinity, adding terminal wiseacre Ryan Reynolds (Van Wilder: Party Liaison) and TV?s Jessica Biel (Seventh Heaven) to the cast list. Wesley Snipes is once again lifeless as vanquished vampire-killer Blade, whose cover is blown for the first time in Blade: Trinity when he gets caught by the cops knocking off ?familiars? (read his mortal enemies, the vampires). Biel plays Abigail, the illegitimate daughter of Blade?s mentor Whistler (Kris Kristofferson), so they unite in order to take out the original Dracula once and for all.Like its two predecessor?s Blade: Trinity left me cold, more a hollow and snide action movie than the thrilling or cool like the Spiderman films, my personal ideal of a Marvel comic movie. Save for a few inspired sequences that harked back to the language of the graphic novel, I was mostly bored. This film lacked a heart and moreover, the infatuation with vampire folklore and blood that was Blade 2?s BIG saving grace. But that said, this high-end, formulaic sequel is sure to please the many loyal fans of this comic-turned-blockbuster franchise.