It seems that all the regulars at Jack`s Broken Hearts eatery are unhappy in their search for love. There`s Dennis, Timothy Olyphant, who can`t decide if newcomer Kevin, Andrew Keegan, is Mr. Right - or even if he`s really gay. Howie, Matt McGrath, is devastated because his lover has left him. And the gay sister of Patrick, Ben Weber, wants his sperm to impregnate her partner. Only Jack himself, nicely played by John Mahoney, seems well- adjusted, but even he thinks that they are obsessively gay... If THE BROKEN HEARTS CLUB dealt with heterosexual relationships you probably wouldn`t give it a second glance. It`s basically a collection of cliches, slapped together in a soap- opery, sit comy formula. The actors are as good as the script allows, which means they`re just average, there are the usual barbed one-liners, and lots of talk about the importance of friendship. It gets better towards the end, but mostly this is a very ordinary piece of work from writer director Greg Berlanti.Comments from Margaret PomeranzGreg Berlanti comes from a background of writing for television and it shows in The Broken Hearts Club. This could be the basis for a sit-com - ?Ordinary Gay Friends? in West Hollywood. However, Berlanti who wrote and directed this first gay-themed film to be financed by a major studio since The Boys in the Band has created mostly sympathetic characters who occasionally have a nice line in banter and who for the most part are convincingly portrayed by an ensemble cast. In fact its ?ordinariness? could be seen as a plus. It doesn?t angst about being gay but it does obsess. As one character comments, ?Sometimes I wonder what you boys would do if you weren?t gay - you?d have no identity!? There?s a self-mocking element to the obsession undercutting the smugness in its indulgence. There?s an enjoyment to be had from this film but Berlanti ultimately disappoints by feeling the necessity to tie all relationships up too neatly in the finale. It?s pretty much a screenplay by numbers with some nice dialogue whipping things along.