Bruce, Carrey, is a frustrated television reporter in Buffalo. He wants to be the anchor man on the main news but when he loses out to his rival, Steven Carell, he loses his cool on-air. Then he gets beaten up by a bunch of homeboys who were picking on a blind man, his dog pisses in the apartment instead of the grass outside, his very sweet girlfriend Grace, Jennifer Aniston, can't understand why he can't be satisfied with their life together. When he dumps on the Almighty for picking on him, he runs into the big man himself played with twinkly gravitas by Morgan Freeman. A deal is struck - Bruce gets God's powers while the big guy takes a break. Wow, Bruce can sort out the world just the way it suits him. There's an unfortunate tone to this film that makes you not actually like Bruce all that much. And while Carrey displays all his rubbery skills of physical comedy, reminiscent of him as the Mask, there are not actually so many laughs. The funniest scene is when he manipulates his rival into making a fool of himself on-air, and the credit for this must go to Steven Carell. It's an odd project that resorts to sheer schmatlz for its resolution. Carrey worked here with director Tom Shadyac with whom he'd made Ace Ventura and Liar Liar, two of my least favourite Carrey projects. This one makes the third.