Inspired by a real-life destination in the US, this movie\'s plot centres on a straight guy rooming with a group of gay guys and navigating the attentions of over-keen females while attending a vacation getaway for young people who are into musical theatre.




When straight young Vlad, Daniel Letterle, arrives at Camp Ovation he finds himself sharing a dormitory with three young gays, one of whom is Michael, Robin De Jesus. As a straight guy in a camp full of..... young people who love musical theatre, he's the focus of attention of both guys and gals. Ellen, Joanna Chilcoat, who had to bribe her brother to go with her to the prom wins out over the self-obsessed Jill, Alana Allen who has an All About Eve experience with her devoted helper Fritzi, Anna Kendrick. But hey, we're getting diverted by plot here - what this film is about is the magic of performance. Written and directed by Todd Graff who actually attended the real Camp Ovation this film wears it heart on its sleeve for the magic of musical theatre and for the young people who want to devote their lives to it. He's cast an array of young talent who can not only sing they can act as well. His choice of adult performers is, however, not as astute. Don Dixon who plays a washed up alcoholic former composer and producer is barely credible. There are some awkwardnesses in the film but the spirit that moves it ultimately wins out.