Here is the ultimate Valentine treat from director Lasse Halstrom of Chocolat fame starring our very own Heath Ledger.Heath Ledger plays the title role in Casanova. The legendary lover and self-described philosopher is famous for his ability to seduce his way into any woman's bedchamber. When he is almost caught in a nunnery the Venetian court gives him an ultimatum to get married or suffer the consequences. With the help of his man servant Lupo - Omid Djalili he finds an innocent young Victoria - Natalie Dormer to become engaged to. But when he meets and falls for Francesca - Sienna Miller a beauty with an independent spirit who seems immune to his charms he steals the identity of the lard king Paprizzio - Oliver Platt, her betrothed. At the same time the Vatican inquisitor Bishop Pucci - Jeremy Irons is on the trail to bring Giancomo Casanova down for all his crimes against the Church.This is one hell of a sumptuous, swashbuckling farce in which Ledger portrays a laid back version of Casanova that appears more interested in poking fun at the double standards of the church than bedding every woman in Venice. Much of the strength of this film lies in the witty and wry scripting and chemistry between Ledger and his supporting cast especially scene stealing sidekick Djalili. But we mustn't forget Jeremy Irons who appears to have been made for the role of Vatican Inquisitor. If you are after pure escapism this period comedy will certainly give you more bang for your buck.