The ship`s party had gathered to celebrate the birthday of the producer Thomas Ince, Cary Elwes, who was with his mistress, the actress Margaret Livingston, Claudia Harrison. Ince was having financial problems and wanted to talk Hearst into making him a partner in his film company. Charlie Chaplin, Eddie Izzard, was also there with another agenda, he was intent on seducing Hearst`s mistress Marion Davies, Kirsten Dunst, something that the jealous Hearst suspected. The gossip columnist Louella Parsons, Jennifer Tilley was also a guest along with Eleanor Glyn, Joanna Lumley, a noted British novelist and wit who is the narrator of the story. As each intrigue interacts, the tensions on board build. The giddy, extravagant era of the 1920`s has been delicious recreated by Bogdanovich who has been meticulous with details of design and music. His performers are all splendid, Kirsten Dunst totally charming as Davies, a giant leap from her limp presence in Spiderman, Eddie Izzard is mischievously attractive as the predatory Chaplin but the most impressive of all is Edward Herrman as Hearst. He`s heartbreakingly convincing as a man of enormous power bedevilled by jealousy. This is a simply delicious film. It`s good to see Bogdanovich back in top form.