It's exhilarating that these three talented women, played by Cameron Diaz, Lucy Lui and Drew Barrymore are assigned the task of preventing the combining of two rings which will give access to the names and addresses of people on the Witness Protection Program to high bidders, like the Italian Mafia, the Japanese Yakuza and the Irish O'Grady clan. Don't ask. Just don't' bother going there. The plot is a scam for these three to go through some completely joyful bonding sessions in high action mode. They are so gorgeous and engaging, Cameron Diaz in high girlie-me mode, Lucy Lui in intelligent me and Daddy's girl mode - can you believe Daddy is played by John Cleese - and Drew Barrymore, who you should note was one of the producers on the project, in angst mode as she is forced to confront her past as a participant in the witness protection program as Helen Zaas who ratted on her ex-boyfriend, Justin Theroux, who is out now and seeking revenge. Add to the mix former angel Madison, Demi Moore, and Bruce Willis in a cameo - and you have a truly outrageous mix. Mind you it doesn't seem there's a frame in this lollipop coloured film without something added to or subtracted from digitally. As Lucy Lui as Alex says in the finale "It's a no brainer.... But it's fun.Comments by David StrattonWhatever was fresh about the first Charlies Angels has disappeared from the sequel. The attempts at humour are strained beyond belief, but then everything about this sub-Bond concoction is contrived. I suppose it's good to see pretty women kick ass, but I don't think it does a lot for the human race, and it's just sad to see John Cleese wasting his talent in this kind of rubbish. Bernie Mac is no substitute for Bill Murray.