A pair of petty crims with stars in their eyes escape the clutches of their boss\'s killers and flee Chicago to Los Angeles where they get a gig singing show tunes in a drag club.

Excellent voices can\'t redeem a film that feels like a tourist guide to drag culture.

This is a light-hearted musical and romantic comedy. Connie?s love interest is played by a listless David Duchovny, as the straight guy trying to understand why men dress like women. As a result, the film feels like a tourists guide to drag culture.Nia Vardalos has said that she intended this film to tackle our acceptance of sexual diversity, but the script doesn?t delve deeply enough, and settles for cheap laughs, more suited to a television sitcom.Even though Vardalos and especially Collette, prove they both have excellent voices - singing rather than lip synching the show tunes - this is a poor version of Billy Wilder?s original, Some Like It Hot. The film is at its best when they\'re on stage, but as soon as the music stops, it?s a drag.