Director Mark Dindal brings us Disney's first fully computer generated feature since Pixar left the studio. It has been a year since the embarrassing incident when Chicken Little voiced by Zach Braff ran around proclaiming that the sky was falling. Instead of the event fading in the minds of the town folk of Oakey Oaks, they are about to release the movie “Crazy Little Chicken”. Chicken Little along with his friends Abby Mallard - Joan Cusack, Runt Steve Zahn and Fish finally gets the opportunity to redeem himself when he finds out that there is an imminent Flying saucer invasion and he is the only one who can avert the disaster. The devil is in the detail and Disney has definitely paid attention to that, while the animation is superb and the soundtrack is full of spoofs of played-out oldies, we seem to be going over familiar territory but that said it is fun and there are some very humorous moments that made me laugh out loud. And what an impressive cast of voice over artists from veterans Adam West and Don Knott’s to the subversive Amy Sedaris from Strangers with Candy. An enjoyable kids film that’s not a Christmas turkey.