Christopher Skase was a white collar fugitive until Australia decided to launch an unofficial chase to get Skase. The man who owned television networks, hotels and companies went broke and fled the country to Spain. Peter Dellasandro assembled a team of five people, including Skase's head of security to travel to Majorica to bring Skase back to Australia. The problem is, before they can go, they have to win over the board of Qintex, Skase's former company.

Christopher Skase. He ruled Australia and stole a fortune, fleeing to the coast of Spain.

Peter Dellasandro, played by co screenwriter Lachy Hulme, is an urban cowboy, a failed restaurateur who thinks Christopher Skase gave his profession a bad name, there`s a right way and a wrong way to be a sleazy son of a bitch, so he`s only too prepared to devise a plan to bring Skase down, particularly when he meets D`Amato, the Chairman of the Qintex creditors` board and his son Danny, Alex Dimitriades. He and the mercenary soldier Mitch, Bill Kerr, put together a mean team to invade Skase`s home in Majorca to put a spoke in his plans to create a media empire in Europe. There`s the intelligence expert Rupert, Adam Haddrick, a driver, Nick Sheppard, surveillance, Torquil Neilson, and to add heart and soul to the enterprise Danny`s included... it`s not a dream team, not by any means...There`s an irreverent humour in this ridiculously chaotic, ambitious film that`s tremendously likeable. The plot doesn`t bear too much close attention but co-writers Lachy Hulme and Matthew George, who directed, have given the film a cheekiness that`s ultimately very charming. Performances gather momentum through the course of the film helping to distract from the sheer improbability of most situations. It`s a romp and it`s an enjoyable one.