The eagerly anticipated C S Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia has finally made it to the big screen, thanks to Shrek director Andrew Adamson. It's World War Two, bombs are falling on London and the four Pevensie kids have been billeted to a country estate for their own safety. During a game of hide and seek Lucy -Georgie Henley- and her three siblings stumble upon an old wardrobe that leads them into the magical kingdom of Narnia. Here, it is forever winter, thanks to the wicked witch Tilda Swinton who rules the land, and who also intends to destroy the children, the prophesized saviors of Narnia. Narnia is a gem of a children's film. Visually breathtaking, with so much attention to detail, thanks to some exceptional cg work. You know, it's such a pleasure to suspend your disbelief and dive headfirst into this magical world where all these mythological creatures are brought to life. I loved seeing the beavers and lions talk in a world in which the unicorn co exists along side the minator. The chemistry between the children is compelling too, with Georgie Henley leading the cast in a heart warming performance. And of course Tilda Swinton is thoroughly convincing as the cold heart witch. Scary, humorous but at all times enchanting, I reckon Narnia is one off the best bets for entertainment at the cinema this Xmas.