Vin Diesel first landed on our screens as Riddick in the modestly budgeted sci-fi thriller, Pitch Black. The sequel, The Chronicles Of Riddick has a title that is as awkward as its storyline. An army of brutal warriors called Necromongers are on a crusade throughout the universe, offering a simple choice ? submit to the painful process of converting into a Necromonger, or die.Riddick is a fugitive, constantly hounded by mercenaries. He reluctantly joins the fight against the supreme force. It?s his destiny to be the saviour of the Universe. Dame Judy Dench is the narrator and the mysterious prophesising character, Aeron. I was perplexed why she?d take on a film with so little substance. Maybe she?s got to pay the bills.Written and directed by David Twohy, The Chronicles Of Riddick is armed with a very healthy budget, giving the production designers and costumers a chance to really let their imaginations go. The sets are remarkable, especially the underground prison on the volcanic planet of Crematoria, but that?s pretty much it. With a clumsy script and hackneyed dialogue, this film is all muscle and no brains.