Wim Wenders` poetic Der Himmel ?ber Berlin, made in 1987 and known in English as Wings Of Desire, forms the basis of City Of Angels, which is set in the city named after angels, Los Angeles. The remake, directed by Brad Silberling, whose only other film was Casper, is unashamedly commercial and sentimental; lovers of the Wenders film will find only the basic concept survives - the idea that angels silently watch over the people on earth and can, in certain circumstances, become human. Nicolas Cage is Seth, an angel who becomes obsessed with Maggie, Meg Ryan, a doctor who is traumatised when she loses a patient. He follows her, and reveals himself to her...City Of Angels is a full-on romance in the Sleepless In Seattle tradition, and its success in America suggests the formula has worked. But all the subtleties and all the humour of Wenders` film are missing. In fact, shorn of its poetry and beauty, the film looks faintly ridiculous. Nicolas Cage is rather monotonous as the doggedly devoted Seth, and it`s hard to believe someone as attractive and talented as Maggie would really fall for this complete stranger about whom she knows nothing. In the film`s favour are the beautiful widescreen images, lovingly photographed by John Seale. But on the whole it`s altogether too angelic and too predictable.