Stephanie (Emma Lung), born during a car accident that killed both her parents, has been raised by her late mother\'s loving but over-protective and life-worn best friend Jude (Jacqueline McKenzie). She starts work under the watchful eyes of Alan Taylor (Hugo Weaving), manager at the local peach cannery, and she is given her late mother\'s locked diary. Steph immerses herself in the intriguing world of the diary, and finds herself romantically pursuing Alan, knowing that he and Jude had been lovers at the time of her birth. As Steph learns more about her late mother, Jass (Sam Healy) and Vietnamese father, Johnny (Tyson Contor), she also sees, through Jass\' eyes, a vibrant, risk-taking, fun-loving Jude she has never known - and begins to uncover secrets that no one is prepared for.

The closer you look, the more you will find.

Generations collide as Peaches explores the tangled love lives of workers at a small town cannery. Newcomer Emma Lung plays Steph ? orphaned after her parents were killed in a car accident. She?s been brought up by her mother?s best friend, Jude, Jacqueline MacKenzie, once in love with Alan ? the former union rep and now cannery boss, played by Hugo Weaving. On her 18th birthday, Steph is given her late mother?s diary, and the mysteries of her past and those her around her start to unravel. This coming of age drama rakes over very familiar territory. Emma Lung holds her own alongside Weaving and MacKenzie to display great passion and sensitivity, but the film is marred by Sue Smith?s wordy and confusing script. Peaches lacks the cinematography and character development of similar films, such as Somersault. But it does provide an entertaining journey, exploring the economic and emotional changes that are inevitable in life.



1 hour 49 min