Ken Carter played by Samuel L. Jackson, returns to his old school, Richmond High, to take over as head coach of the boy?s basketball team. Things have gotten worse since he was a student there, and his would-be players are such a motley group, he is determined to create a difference to their lives. To be on the team the boys must sign contracts that require them to keep high grade point averages, address him as Sir, and wear jacket and tie on game day. When they break the contract, he benches the entire team, to the outrage of the school and community.What a tired old tale this is - of the super teacher in the ghetto. Even though Jackson?s portrayal is strong, Coach Carter is ultimately marred by a formula screenplay full of clich?s and stereo types. Running at 2hrs 15min this overtly preachy film becomes tediously bogged down with endless push ups, drug deals and drive bys. What should have been a truly inspirational film is little more than a stock standard Hollywood sports movie.