In a series of unrelated vignettes, well-known actors and musicians meet in public places to chew the fat on various topics, fags and coffee cups in hand.

A likeable nervous energy

Jarmusch has experimented with the episodic feature before. In his 1991 film, Night On Earth, we saw five very specific encounters between taxi drivers and their passengers. But the 11 short films that make up Coffee and Cigarettes are more random, with subtle connections between each, many dealing with celebrity.

This is minimal filmmaking - simple shots, pared back action, and an overall, hypnotic effect, like watching an intense game of chess.

Some of the shorts are very funny, while others struggle to keep you interested. But there's a likeable nervous energy as the actors manoeuvre around bizarre topics such as Elvis' twin brother, the tesla coil and of course, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes.