Fanda (Vlastimil Brodsky) is a terminal prankster who refuses to grow up. Despite pleas from his exasperated wife Emilie (Stella Zazvorkova) and son Jara (Ondrej Vetchy), who want him to make some serious decisions about the future, Fanda ignores them and spends his days looking for amusement and adventure with his lifelong friend Eda (Stanislav Zindulka).


A comedy for the ages.

Director Vladimir Michalek's Autumn Spring is a delightfully bitter sweet comedy about age, marriage, friendship and the art of being oneself. It pairs two respected Czech actors, Vlastimil Brodsky, playing Fanda, and Stella Zazvorkova, Fanda's wife Emily.

Fanda just can't seem to grow up, even though he is well and truly at the end of his life. He constantly bickers with Emily, and behind her back, steals money from their funeral fund to finance his pranks. He is aided by his life long friend Eda (Stanislav Zindulka). The irreverent trickster Fanda is portrayed with great humor and pathos. While his friends try to prepare him for death, Fanda is determined to live life to the fullest.

An enchanting and uplifting film that that inspires us to accept others as they are, not what we want them to be.