Ralph, a young country singer from the outback hitches a ride with a criminal named Boyd and his girlfriend, Patsy, with whom Ralph is enraptured. Cops soon catch up with the trio and although the poorly Patsy escapes, the two men are put behind bars.

Such a feel-good film that you leave the cinema wanting to join the next line dance.

This movie, written and directed by Chris Kennedy, starring Miranda Otto, Richard Roxburgh and Matt Day, is a quirky piece of filmmaking, as you would expect from the man who brought us This Won`t Hurt A Bit. It`s about a young country boy, Ralph - Matt Day - who`s heading off to pursue a career in his dream town of Nashville, leaving Mum and Dad behind on the drought-stricken property. En route, Ralph hitches a ride with a dodgy Jaguar-driving couple, Boyd - Richard Roxburgh - and who else but Patsy - Miranda Otto...You just know Boyd`s a bad egg, but what we don`t know is that Patsy can sing. It`s not long before Boyd and Ralph end up in a country gaol together, where their experiences with some of the other hard-boiled inhabitants are intercut with the story of Patsy and Ralph`s success in Nashville. Doing Time For Patsy Cline is a comedy, a romance, a musical - Peter Best`s music is terrific - and it`s a buddy movie, too - Richard Roxburgh, yet to really establish a career on the big screen is charismatic and splendid as Boyd, Matt Day and Miranda Otto extend their already formidable reputations on screen, Miranda as the fey vamp is really lovely........... the film creates a bit of a problem for the audience by juxtaposing the Nashville sequences into the running narrative; it`s just a touch confusing, but Doing Time For Patsy Cline is such a feel good film, so engagingly played and shot - Andrew Lesnie once again coming up trumps as cinematographer - that you leave the cinema wanting to join the next line dance.