The Wall Street Journal's Daniel (Dan Futterman) and his pregnant journalist wife Mariane (Angelina Jolie) are in Karachi where Danny is researching a story on shoe bomber Richard Reid. Promised an exclusive interview with a crucial source through an intermediary, Danny takes a taxi to the rendezvous restaurant, but doesn't return. It's soon evident he's been kidnapped. With help from local and US authorities, Mariane is at the centre of a desperate search for Danny and the hunt for his kidnappers, a small extremist group making demands that will not be met.

A thrilling journey through the chaotic streets of India and Pakistan.

On January 23rd 2002, Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl was abducted & later murdered in Pakistan. His wife Marianne Pearl, a journalist herself, was 6 months pregnant at the time & in memory of him, she wrote a memoir.

The film adaptation of her compelling account, 'A Mighty Heart" is brilliantly directed by Michael Winterbottom; who has got to be one of the finest directors working today. His versatility, truth and technique always astound me. In fact it was his explosive film 'Road to Guantamamo" that inspired producer Brad Pitt to hire him.
Winterbottom shoots this film documentary style to great effect; allowing us an insight into the often high risk life of a foreign corespondent.

The film takes us on a thrilling journey through the overcrowded and chaotic streets of India and Pakistan, wonderfully exposing how difficult it is to locate a missing person and how easy it is to lose someone in these surrounds.

Both political and moving, the movie at its heart is a love story between two people whose commitment to each other and to the truth is inspiring.

The performances are all so beautifully realised and grounded in truth that it is hard to single one out but I have to say Angelina Jolie and Dan Futterman excelled as the Pearls"¦ capturing their dignity and bravery.

It is hard for Jolie to disappear in a role now because of her fame but Winterbottom cleverly avoids close ups and structured shots, giving way to a satisfying ensemble feeling throughout.

He also states that he rarely rehearses; rather he just shoots with the actors often not knowing where the camera is"¦ it works a treat.

In the 5yrs since Daniel Pearl’s death, 230 journalists have been killed in the line of duty. This film is a powerful tribute to them"¦ I’m giving it 4 stars.