Edmund Dantes, Jim Caviezel, is a lowly born sailor, in love with Mercedes, Dagmara Dominczyk. He`s betrayed by his best friend, the aristocratic Fernand Mondego, Guy Pearce, and whisked off to the notorious Chateau d`If to life in solitary confinement. His family and Mercedes believe him dead. The years go by, the hair grows, the annual punishment continues, until one day, like a mole emerging from the earth, another prisoner, the Abbe Faria, Richard Harris, arrives in his cell. He`d mistaken the direction of his escape tunnel....Over subsequent years Faria provides Dantes with the means to exact his revenge...Directed by Kevin Reynolds who made Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Waterworld with Kevin Costner, this Count of Monte Cristo is a pretty limp affair. The locations are terrific, the action scenes good but the casting of Caviezel as Dantes is uninspired and Guy Pearce, after some terrific performances in LA Confidential and Memento, finds himself with a one dimensional character here. And he has such a silly hairdo. Richard Harris gives the film some much-needed oomph. This is an old-fashioned romantic revenge romp, maybe it`s a novelty for this current generation, maybe there are better versions in the video store.