The film opens with a well-planned heist of both black and white stones at the Diamond Exhange in Los Angeles. Tony Fait, DMX, with his team of Anthony Anderson and Gabrielle Union - is ultimately foiled in his slick attempt by Taiwan Security Agent Su, Jet Li. Also after the cache is the ruthless Ling, Mark Dacascos and his associate Kelly Hu who kidnap Tony ?s 8 year old daughter to get hold of the black diamonds. Tony and Su join forces, visiting a local kingpin in gaol, and a variety of LA clubs to locate the gems. The enigmatically titled Cradle 2 The Grave is the work of Polish-born cinematographer turned director Andrzej Bartkowiak. And it?s largely at his feet that the blame must fall. Apart from getting a cast that may be individually charismatic, but combined their weaknesses are obvious (this may be Tom Arnold?s least impressive screen appearance - he plays a fence), Bartkowiak doesn?t let his advantages work for him ? he indulges in editing overkill in the fight sequences, so little of the balletic skill of Jet Li is in evidence. Despite its early promise Cradle 2 The Grave soon degenerates into clich?d stupidity. Comments by David StrattonA silly plot, but handled with plenty of get up and go. It's a truly multicultural Hollywood concoction - Polish director, Chinese star and Chinese martial arts, African-American hip-hop. Some of it's fun, thanks mainly to Tom Arnold and Anthony Anderson.