Geena\'s (Preeya Kalidas) tradition-bound rag-trade Indian family disapproves of her new impoverished English boyfriend Jay (James McAvoy) and want her to marry Dillip (Ronny Jhutti) a nice Indian boy with a sports car. Her brothers are over protective and her dreams are in danger, as Geena tries to live a double life between two cultures and two families.

A cross cultural romance set in London\'s East End.

A London-based Romeo and Juliet story. Geena, Preeya Kalidas, is torn between her new-found love for Jay, James McAvoy, and loyalty to her traditional Indian family. She\'s secretly a member of an all girl R & B trio. To add to the couple\'s woes their families are in rival businesses in the rag trade. But with 9 songs in Hindi, 14 songs in all, plus a fair smattering of colourful dances let\'s not pretend this is social realism. The music is fairly bland, there\'s not a lot of the exhilaration to be found in Indian based Bollywood movies and the chemistry between the two leads is singularly lacking. Bollywood Queen, which was directed by Jeremy Wooding and is an extension of his short film Sari & Trainers, is a fairly pale imitation of the real thing.