The friendship shared by a policewoman, a female doctor and a headmistress is thrown into turmoil when the latter throws herself headlong into an affair with a younger man.

Enjoyable while in romatic comedy mode but then it turns into an unbelievable melodrama.

Andie McDowell is becoming a bit of a regular in British movies ? here she is again in John McKay?s Crush. McDowell plays Kate, the headmistress of a private school in the Cotswolds. Once a week she gets together with two friends, Janine, Imelda Staunton, a local police inspector ? and Molly, Anna Chancellor, a doctor. They drink gin, smoke, eat sweets and discuss their less than satisfactory love lives. Until one day, after a funeral that Kate attends, she finds herself being attracted to and becoming very physical with 25 year old organist Jed, Kenny Doughty. Surprisingly this turns into a love affair. This is not a relationship that Janine and Molly approve of, or are they envious? This strange film is enjoyable while it stays in romantic comedy mode, which it does for about two thirds of its length, and then it turns into unbelievable melodrama with a truly fatal flaw towards the end. But what strikes you in the film is how fantastic both Imelda Staunton and Anna Chancellor are, they\'re a joy to watch. John McKay wrote and directed Crush, and it?s quite a daring thing for a man to take on ? the secret lives of women ? he doesn\'t do too badly until he decides to change the tone of the screenplay. But there was enough in the film for me to find it mildly enjoyable.

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1 hour 52 min