A skateboarding fanatic is western Sydney is encouraged by two friends to make his way to the coast where a skate event is being hosted by the world champion Tony Hawk. The journey takes many an unexpected turn.

Coming-of-age film that might leave non-skateboarders a little cold.

BMX Bandits for the skater generation.

Deck Dogz is a coming of age film about three young men who skate board across Sydney in search of their hero Tony Hawk. The Deck Dogz are Poker (played by Richard Wilson), Spasm (Sean Kennedy) and Blue Flame (Ho Thi Lu) whose collective ambition is to become professional skaters. They suffer the inevitable trouble at school and home, and of course the authorities are on their tale, but the Doggies follow their dream no matter what. It's the new BMX Bandits for the skater Generation, but may leave the rest of us a little perplexed.