Michael Felgate (Hugh Grant), an English auctioneer working in New York City, proposes to his girlfriend of three months Gina Vitale (Jeanne Tripplehorn). Tearfully she refuses his proposal and when Michael meets Gina\'s father Frank (James Caan) it becomes obvious he has been turned down to spare him becoming involved in the organized crime family in which Frank is a prominent member. Michael promises to avoid any \'family\' entanglements but finds himself compromised almost immediately by putting up for auction a series of dreadful paintings done by Johnny (John Ventimiglia), the unhinged nephew of mob kingpin Uncle Vito (Burt Young). Matters worsen when Michael becomes an accessory to murder and is forced to pose as Chicago wiseguy \'Mickey Blue Eyes\', a deception which will hopefully keep him alive long enough to win Gina back.

This has moments of lightweight fun without providing any sustained satisfaction.

Michael Felgate (Hugh Grant ) is the terribly English auctioneer at an up-market New York art gallery and he`s in love with Gina, (Jeanne Tripplehorn). But when he proposes, in a Chinese restaurant, she rejects him, to his great surprise, not because she doesn`t love him, but because of her family. Her father, Frank Vitale, (James Caan) is a member of a mafia family, and Gina doesn`t want Michael to get involved with \"the family\". Michael, however, is willing to take the risk.

After a promising set-up, with a genuinely funny proposal scene in the restaurant, Mickey Blue Eyes goes downhill fast, mainly because of the weak screenplay by Adam Scheinman and Robert Kuhn which recycles all the old mafia jokes. James Caan, a wonderful actor, tries desperately to make something of his character, but fails - and when Hugh Grant is called upon to impersonate an out of town gangster, Mickey Blue Eyes, the results are deeply embarrassing instead of being funny. Jeanne Tripplehorn is completely miscast as the Italian American heroine, and James Fox is forced to do a boring caricature of a stuffy pom. After the success of Notting Hill, Mickey Blue Eyes is bitterly disappointing...