The film is set in the sprawling Italian countryside. After a tragic train accident, four survivors find solace in the villa of an English writer, Mrs. Delahunty (Maggie Smith). The other survivors--an American girl (Emmy Clarke), a British general (Ronnie Barker), and a young German (Benno Furmann)--struggle to come to terms with the disaster, as an inspector (Giancarlo Giannini) tries to figure out exactly what happened. Eventually, the young girl\'s uncle (Chris Cooper) shows up, bringing the film to a climax.

The magnificant Italian settings alone are enough to see this classic tale.

Romance novelist Mrs. Emily Delahunty (Maggie Smith) boards a train for her monthly shopping trip to town. During the journey a bomb explodes in the carriage killing four of the eight occupants. Emily invites the survivors to convalesce in her home - a retired General played by Ronnie Barker, a political journalist called Werner and the enchanting Aimee who has been left an orphan. We see flash backs of Emily\'s life as she finds parallels between her past and the current plight of these survivors.

This Italian/English co-production is superbly cast and acted, complemented by lavish cinematography of the Italian countryside. Timothy Spall who plays house manager Quinty, delivers a hilarious and masterful performance along side Maggie Smith and Ronnie Barker. But it is the young Emmy Clark who plays Aimee who will capture your heart. Brilliantly adapted from William Trevor\'s novel, My House in Umbria flows like a fine wine laced with much wit and human insight.


1 hour 43 min