Back in the 1970s, Dickie Roberts was the 5-year-old star of The Glimmer Gang and small screen audiences the world over adored him and his catchphrase, "It's nucking futs". It's been all downhill for Dickie since then, but now, played by David Spade, he's eager to make a comeback in a new Rob Reiner comedy. Trouble is, Dickie never had a childhood, never knew what real family life was like. So, he finds himself a perfect family to start all over again. The prospect of a film featuring the star of Joe Dirt and the director of George Of The Jungle, Sam Weisman, was a daunting one - and you guys think this is a cushy job!, Still, Dickie Roberts wasn't quite as dire as I'd feared; it's a silly film, but David Spade is quite endearing, and there's amusing support from Jon Lovitz, as Dickie's loyal agent, and Brendan Fraser, who plays himself. The film Rob Reiner is planning to make sounds as bad as the last couple of films Rob Reiner actually made, but this film's almost worth seeing for the guest appearances by dozens of former TV child stars - check out your favourites.