Documentary maker Michael Rubbo investigates the proposition that William Shakespeare\'s works were in fact written by another author. Interviews with Shakespeare scholars and those who contend that Christopher Marlowe was the hidden hand of the Bard leads Rubbo to discover fresh evidence and come to  his own startling conclusion.

Did Christopher Marlowe write the works of Shakespeare?

Who wrote Hamlet? If the reply is William Shakespeare, it`s the wrong answer, according to Australian documentary filmmaker Michael Rubbo who, in his marvellous documentary Much Ado About Something concludes that the great plays credited to the Bard of Avon were actually written by Christopher Marlowe. It`s a compelling argument, the way Rubbo makes it, and it`s also a very entertaining one. Rubbo travels to England with his digital video camera and talks to various experts, including Mark Rylance, the director of London`s Globe Theatre; who you may remember from Intimacy which we saw here earlier this year. And he throws in clips from Shakespeare films, including Shakespeare In Love, in which Rupert Everett played Marlowe. This is a witty and intelligent film and, even if you`re totally convinced that Shakespeare wrote the great plays credited to him, you might come away with a least a few doubts in your mind. The director is taking the film around the country himself and holding Q and A sessions on the subject. Much Ado About Something is screening in the Blue Mountains near Sydney from Friday with other cities and regional centres to follow.

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