Lovable rogue Max Mackendrick dreams about winning big on the Melbourne Cup. Set in the colourful world of horseracing, Horseplay follows the chaotic life of a wannabe horse trainer as he deals with the turf, the ladies and everyone else out to get him.

It is Burdened with too many characters and too many sub-plots, plus too much violence...

Max Mackendrick, Marcus Graham, has horse-racing in his blood. Ambitious and unscrupulous, Max marries the snobby Alicia, Tushka Bergan, daughter of Melbourne\'s leading trainer, Barry Coxhead, Bill Hunter, but when he attempts to follow in the great Aussie tradition of race-fixing, he\'s caught and barred from racing for life, which ruins his wife\'s social prospects. Desperate for money, he seeks advice from his womanizing mate and legal adviser, Henry, Jason Donovan, while his girl-friend, Jade, Natalie Mendoza, suggests he kill Alicia for her insurance. It all gets pretty complicated.

, made by the writer-producer-director team of Stavros Kazantzidis and Allanah Zitserman, is a disappointment after the generally entertaining Russian Doll. Burdened with too many characters and too many sub-plots, plus too much violence and 4-letter dialogue, the generally excellent actors have little chance to bring the characters to life, added to which just about everyone in the film is extremely unlikable. The tone is uneven, and though there are some amusing scenes, and it\'s handsomely produced, this is a horse burdened with just too much baggage.

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1 hour 33 min