Marty (Brad Renfro) is a drop-out surfer whose best friend Bobby (Nick Stahl) is a spoilt kid from a wealthy family who delights in beating up and tormenting him. Marty’s girlfriend Lisa (Rachel Miner) is fed up with Bobby and suggests they kill him. So together with friends Ali (Bijou Phillips), Donny (Michael Pitt), Derek (Daniel Franzese) and Heather (Kelli Garner), they find a hitman (Leo Fitzpatrick) to help them with a plan.

Larry Clark over indulges in the ugliness of American teenagers again.

In a small Florida community, where the parents are far too self-absorbed and self indulgent to keep track of the activities of their teenage children, Ali, Bijou Phillips, and her friend Lisa, Rachel Miner, meet Bobby, Nick Stahl, and Marty, Brad Renfro, at the shopping mall. An invitation to a party means nothing else but sex in the back of the boys? car, and the girls accept this as a matter of course; but Bobby\'s brutal treatment of Ali sparks what proves to be fatal tensions. Ever since they were kids together, the sadistic Bobby has bullied his friend Marty; now Marty and the girls get together with other friends and acquaintances to exact their revenge.

This R-rated film is Larry Clark?s third feature, he\'s best known for his first, Kids, the 1995 expose of New York teenagers indulging in unsafe sex in the era of AIDS. Bully is based on real events, and it\'s distinguished by its rawness. For an American filmmaker, Clark is uncompromising in his depiction of the way these kids behave. He\'s been accused of voyeurism, and maybe he does linger longer than necessary over some scenes. But the film is brutally honest in its attack on parents who neither know nor, it seems, care what their children are doing, and kids who equate sex with love and friendship. It\'s a horror film, all right, but despite the tendency towards overstatement, much of it is impressive.

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1 hour 52 min
Tue, 04/28/2009 - 11