A newly arrived pupil at Westlake Prep joins a small club in which students polish their lying skills. When the body of a girl is found nearby, he makes the mistake of getting the group to spread false rumours about the murder.

CryWolf does just what its title says: cries wolf about being a decent teen horror movie.

Cry_Wolf is the directorial debut of Jeff Wadlow who, with his short film The Tower of Babble, won the premiere American \'Million Dollar Film Festival\' competition that awarded him the financing to make this, his first feature. As its title might suggest, \'Cry_Wolf\' is a film about a serial killer, teen trouble-makers and the internet\' British misfit Owen Matthews (Julian Morris) is sent to a swish American finishing school by his dismissive father Mr. Matthews (Gary Cole) just after the body of a student is found murdered in nearby woods. Hooking up with the \'cool gang\' at his new school and trying to impress them - in particular one girl, Dodger (Lindy Booth) \' Owen and his new mates cook up an email scheme to scare the school. Via email they pretend to send messages from the student\'s killer to the school population. The plan is fun enough for them for a while until it backfires when the phantom they\'ve created seemingly comes to life, knocking off each of the on-line offenders as he goes. The lesson? Be careful what you wish for\' Simply put Cry_Wolf is awful: overedited, underwritten and overblown in its statement about the new age of digital communications. The teens act forty, the adults act sixteen and not even an appearance by big hair rocker Jon Bon Jovi \' actually an excellent screen actor \' can save it, playing button-down literature teacher Mr. Walker. Although it is understandable for Wadlow to try and make the most of his feature debut (especially given the competitive circumstances under which it was made), he has tried way too hard to make it hip and cool and appeal to its teen \'demographic\'. Cry_Wolf\'s circular narrative is like watching a snake swallowing its tail, a dizzying merry-go-round aimed at those with TV attention spans. (Perhaps someone should have reminded him that he was making a movie, where the story and characters need to be sustained in their own right for 80 minutes. If we wanted to watch gimmicky overcut style over substance tele we\'ll watch CSI, not spend 15 bucks at the movies). Cry_Wolf is clearly one of the last descendants of the I Know What You Did Last Summer school of self-conscious, ironic, post-modern horror movie from the 1990s, but the strain has been so weakened by over-pollination it\'s almost become fallow. The remake of When A Stranger Calls \' currently in cinemas - is a much more robust example of teen horror married with contemporary style and mobile phones. Cry_Wolf does just what its title says: cries wolf about being a decent teen horror movie. By comparison When A Stranger is the real deal...