A documentary portrait of the American writer Charles Bukowski, born in 1920. An instinctive rebel and long-term alcoholic, Bukowski spent his early manhood as a drifter working a variety of minimum-wage jobs. In his thirties, he settled down to life as a full-time postal employee while continuing to write. Finally in the 1960s the directness and anarchic spirit of his autobiographical poetry won him a widespread cult following that remains strong today.

Documentary on American writer, Charles Bukowski.

This meticulously constructed film traces the life of the late Charles Bukowski. It starts with his grim childhood, where he is under the rule of an abusive father and an indifferent mother. At twelve years of age when he first put pencil to paper he realized where his talent lay, but never considered he would be able to make a living from it. Bukowski wrote because he had to. Even fifteen years of oppression working in the US postal service strengthened his will to write.Seven years in the making, Dullaghan gathered together a wide range of interview subjects and delivered them to the screen with great intimacy. From Bukowski?s wife Linda Lee to Sean Penn and Bono we see how his work has affected others. Bukowski liberated poetry and literature from the clutches of academics and gave the everyman a voice. Born Into This is an inspiring documentary that will have you running straight out of the theatre and into the book store.


2 hours 10 min