Interviews with winemakers small and large, famous and unknown, and wine consultants around the world reveal seething passions and serious conflicts; generations and traditions are the foundation for what some call the greatest sign of civilization down the ages - wine. But some are not so bound by tradition and there is always money to complicate things. The people behind the wines - some simple wine growers, others players on the world\'s business stage - make a tapestry of humanity.

A documentary on the impact of globalization on the world\'s different wine regions.

Nossiter\'s subject is the increasingly globalized wine industry. His film takes us into the homes of families who have been growing grapes for generations, concerned about how the standardization of taste is affecting their livelihood. We\'re also introduced to the jet setting wine consultant Michel Rolland and American critic Robert Parker, who has the power to make or break a wine. Mondovino tries to be an informative and grand introduction to the world of wine. But it\'s shot in a lackadaisical observational style, at times getting carried away by insignificant details, like the grower\'s pets. This distracts from what seems to be the central argument about the homogenization of a product that has prided itself for generations on its uniqueness. Too self indulgent, repetitive and way too long, Mondovino won\'t improve with age, but it might with a more disciplined edit.

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2 hours 15 min