The 70s, the decade after the political assassinations that rocked America, produced a series of memorable conspiracy theory films, including Coppola`s The Conversation and the late Alan Pakula`s The Parallax View. Enemy Of The State, a crackerjack new thriller from the variable Tony Scott, takes that tradition and adds on the usual 90s chases and explosions. Will Smith is Robert Dean, a smart young lawyer who has found himself forced to deal with Mafia types. But these problems are nothing compared to the strife Dean finds himself in when an old friend from college days, on the run from members of the country`s top national security agency because he`s stumbled on vital evidence concerning the murder of a politician, slips the evidence into Dean`s shopping bag. So now the bad guys, led by fanatical Jon Voight, are after him, with all the technology in the world at their fingertips - his only ally is a mysterious veteran security man, Brill, Gene Hackman... Hackman`s Brill seems at times almost like the same character, Harry Caul, the actor played in The Conversation back in 1974. Enemy Of The State is a superior thriller, ingeniously scripted, well cast, energetically directed. It`s one of those films which make you realise that, at the end of the century, Big Brother is really very capable of watching each and every one of us - a truly paranoid conception. My only real quibble is this modern obsession with big bangs - Hollywood producers seem to think no thriller is complete without at least one massive explosion, and I`m getting heartily sick of them Still.