As the school year ends, 70,000 Year 12 kids around the country escape from school – many head for the Gold Coast, including Lynette (Veronica Sywak), Danny (Kristian Schmid), and Pete (Craig Horner) by bus; Jilian (Jess Gower), Bradley (Tony Brockman) by train; Yolanda (Petra Yared) and Amanda (Charlotte Rees) in a limo driven by Mason (Matthew Newton); Wayne (Travis Cotton) and Calvin (Mark Priestly) in a beat up Holden. Freda (Nathalie Roy) is already there, waiting for Yolanda and Amanda to turn up. Zack (Jamie Croft) is also there – somehow. All they want to do is to go wild and have a party on the Coast, before facing the unknown future of adulthood. But the getting there is just as much fun. And quite a drama.


A likable film with frivolous teens and alcohol; much better than American teenage comedies.

Schoolies week has become an institution in this country and it was only a matter of time before somebody made a film about the goings on of secondary school leavers for that one fateful week on the Goldcoast, here it is Blurred... For a bunch of teenagers whose schooldays are over, Surfers Paradise beckons. Buddies Pete, Danny and Lynette are travelling by bus, but they get ejected for playing music too loudly. Yolanda and Amanda, rich girls, have hired a limo and a spunky chauffeur. Bradley and his girlfriend Jillian are travelling by train, but Jillian gets mad when Bradley tells her he wants to meet other girls in Surfers; Jillian stops the train and leaves with the virginal Zack. Farm boys Calvin and Wayne run off the road in their battered Holden and get picked up by a refugee from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Will any of them ever get to their destination?

Based on a play, though you`d never know it, this very likable teen film is so much better than American teenage comedies. There`s a sweetness to this story - written by Stephen Davis and Kier Shorey and directed by Evan Clarry which is essentially a comedy of frustration. It`s a pity that it`s visually so ugly, but its bubbling good spirits make up for a lot, and there are some excellent performances, especially Jessica Gower as Jillian and Kristian Schmid as Danny, while Matthew Newton, also good, looks startlingly like David Hemmings in Blow Up.