Freddy (Kick Gurry) dreams of being a rock star, and together with his bass player girlfriend Tanya (Pia Miranda), mohawk brandishing, drug-loving drummer Lucy (Chris Sadrinna) and brooding guitarist Joe (Brett Stiller) are keen to get a break with the help of their well-meaning but clunky manager Bruno (Russell Dykstra). Joe’s dad Kevin (Andy Anderson) is an old rocker from the 70s, and although Joe is going out with Kate (Maya Stange), he is bewitched by the dark and death-obsessed Angie (Yvette Duncan). When Freddy gets to meet the edgy Manager of the Year, Shad Kern (Marton Csokas), he is convinced that this is their big chance.

Features some very likeable characters and a first-rate cast.

Freddy, Kick Gurry, is the lead singer in a band which he and his mates have formed. Tanya, Pia Miranda, Freddy`s girlfriend, plays bass; Joe, Brett Stiller, is lead guitar and the seriously substance addicted Lucy, Chris Sadrinna, is on drums. Not always helped by their enthusiastic but none too competent manager, Bruno, Russell Dykstra, the band members are doing it tough; it used to be that there were plenty of pubs around the city where bands could perform live, but the pubs are gradually turning to DJs or, worse, dispensing with music altogether and putting in pokies. Opportunity knocks when Freddy meets Shad Kern, Marton Csokas, a big-time manager. Adding further pressure to the band is that fact that Freddy and Tanya aren`t exactly sexually compatible, and Freddy starts to get close to Kate, Maya Stange, Joe`s girlfriend and the group`s unoffical songwriter.

Alex Proyas is best known for his impressively dark sci-fi thrillers, The Crow and Dark City, so this musical, about members of a struggling garage band, is a bit of a change of pace, though his background in the music business stands him in good stead. Proyas is a consistently inventive filmmaker and he has a lot of cinematic fun with this very engaging, at times very funny, film. But as well as being constantly great to look at, Garage Days features some very likeable characters and a first-rate cast - Kick Gurry, Pia Miranda, Maya Stange, Russell Dykstra -they`re all excellent. A couple of weeks ago we were seeing Marton Csokas as the villain in XXX and here he is as an all-powerful figure in the Sydney music scene. I had great fun with this film.