Zano (Romain Duris) and his lover Naïma (Lubna Azabal) travel through France and Spain and into Algeria to discover the homeland of their parents. Accompanied by music and meeting a plethora of interesting characters along the journey, the couple mirror their parents' exile.

An eclectic cross-cultural road movie.

Starting in France, young couple, Zano and Naima, played by Romain Duris and Lubna Azabal, travel to the country their parents were forced to escape from – Algeria. This is an eclectic road, boat, foot and rail movie with a storyline that drifts as much as its wandering protagonists. Driven by a vigorous musical score, Exiles can be gruelling and impenetrable viewing, but there are exhilarating moments as they voyage through the fringes of communities we rarely see on film.