This is a film for which you have to suspend a lot of disbelief, but it`s worth it, because this is one of the better, more inventive, certainly more intelligent action films around at the moment. To start with, it has a couple of excellent actors: John Travolta as Sean Archer, a dedicated FBI agent, and Nicolas Cage as Castor Troy, a fiendish terrorist. In the opening sequence, Castor attempts to assassinate Sean, but instead the victim is the lawman`s son. Sean vows revenge, and in a stunningly staged sequence manages to stop Castor and his brother, Pollux (Castor and Pollux - get it? ) from fleeing the country. Trouble is, the brothers have planted a bomb timed to destroy most of LA; Castor is apparently dead and only Pollux knows where the bomb is - so a mad scheme is hatched: Sean will literally become Castor, via a complicated - and beautifully staged - face transfer operation. But then Castor makes a startling recovery and somehow is able to adopt his enemy`s face. The switch is complete, and the hunt is on....Face/Off is the third American feature by Hong Kong director John Woo, following Hard Target and Broken Arrow, and he`s now thoroughly assimilated himself into the Hollywood action genre. The script, by Mike Werb and Michael Colleary, makes the most of the fanciful premise, cutting back and forth between bad guy Castor, who brings sex back into the life of Sean`s neglected wife, Joan Allen, and good guy Sean, who finds himself thrown in with Castor`s low-life friends. It all builds up to a smashing climax. The actors inject plenty of humour into their roles, and Woo directs with absolute precision. If you hate this kind of thing, forget it: but if you love a good action film, this is the best since Con Air.