'Adultescents' or the 'boomerang generation'; it's the social phenomenon of the late 20th and early 21st centuries: grown up 'kids' aged 30+ who still live at home with their parents. Willingly. It's a movie script just waiting to happen. And here comes the first, Failure To Launch, starring the most unlikely guy to ever be living still at home: 'he of the abs', Matthew McConaughey (Sahara, Reign Of Fire) with 'she of the Manola Blahniks' out to save him from a fate worse than old maid, Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex & The City). Handsome Tripp (McConaughey), is 30-something, suave and successful, a guy who has no trouble with 'the ladies'. The problem is that Tripp still lives at home with his folks, a trick he likes to pull on girls to get rid of them whenever they get 'too serious'. But Tripp's parents Sue and Jeffrey (played by acting veteran Kathy Bates and NFL commentating veteran Terry Bradshaw) are sick and tired of their one and only son cramping their style. So they hire a professional 'nest emptier' Paula (SJP) to get him out of home once and for all. Things go awry when the pretend romance she uses as her strategy backfires after she and Tripp fall in love with each other for real' Failure to Launch is a terrific idea for a film but this one is let down by a serious lack of credibility. Let's face it, in this life people who look, act and are Tripp, don't live at home. (Not unless they're recovering from surgery). That niggle taps you on the back of the skull right the way through Failure To Launch, in spite of director Tom Dey's best efforts to justify the situation right to the very end. (Even with its 'reasonable explanation', it's still very hard to buy). The best scene in the film showed just what a great movie Failure to Launch could have been if the producers had the chops to go with a less Hollywood cast and a more dramatic premise. (SJP sits talking with another, nerdier client in a caf' about why his love for Star Wars makes him a great catch for any girl. It was closer to the truth of the 'boomerang generation', proving more on the money than pretty-boy Tripp and his outdoorsy A-1 'lifestyle'. If only that scene had been turned into the whole film' Failure to launch would have been much more authentic and entertaining). That said, there are some excellent and hilarious scenes that break this fairly standard rom-com out of its ordinariness mainly due to the excellent line-up of support players, and their well-drawn characters. Tripp's parents are included, as are his best friends Ace and Demo (Justin Bartha and Bradley Cooper), who all have great fun in their respective roles. But line honours must go to Zooey Deschanel (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), playing Paula's hilarious slacker flatmate Kit. She absolutely makes the most of her screen time. Ultimately though, Failure to Launch is just that, a bit of a misfire'