Scientist Dr. Reed Richards, Ioan Gruffudd, heads a mission to unlock the secrets of the human genome by flying into the center of a cosmic storm. Government cut backs have forced Reed to accept financing from an old rival - Victor Von Doom, Julian McMahon, who also happens to be dating Richards? ex-girlfriend Sue Storm, Jessica Alba. Also along for the ride are Ben Grimm ? Michael Chiklis, and Johnny Storm - Chris Evans. During the mission the space station is engulfed by radiation clouds and everyone is genetically transformed with super powers. Tim Story has certainly captured the tone of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby?s original 60?s comic book series. The computer animation is breath taking at times but no where near as effective as the old school latex suit that Chiklis wears to become The Thing. His performance brings some emotional weight to bear on what is essentially a simple comic book tale. Don?t expect the edginess of Batman Begins, but as a piece of pure escapism it?s certainly worth a look.