Documentary deconstructing the biased presentation of news and current affairs on Fox News, examining how the lines between news reporting and opinion are blurred. The Channel\'s right wing bias is documented with examples and statistics. The documentary holds up to ridicule the Fox News boast of being \'fair and balanced\'. Subjects interviewed include several former staffers, as well as David Brock, author of political books; Jeff Cohen, founder of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting; Clara Frenk political producer for various networks; Danny Schechter, editor of; and Gene Kimmelman, deregulation and consumer protection specialist; Bob McChesney, founder of Free Press.

A reminder to all journalists about their ethical obligations when reporting the news.

Robert Greenwald\'s documentary raises serious concerns about the effects of corporate control over the media - political bias, smear campaigns and propaganda disguised as journalism. Under particular scrutiny is the Fox slogan that their news is \"fair and balanced\". Through extensive interviews with former employees, critics and activists, and expertly pieced together footage from Fox News itself, we learn that the slogan is bogus.

The film\'s premise being that Fox news actively pushes a right wing agenda. Outfoxed may not be as showy as Fahrenheit 9/11, due to its shoestring budget, but its observations on the power of the media in its ability to misinform, proves that we cannot be complacent about where we get our information. This film is a reminder to all journalists about their ethical obligations when reporting the news. It is also a reminder to read between the lines - especially in the lead up to our own election this weekend - because the truth it seems - is not guaranteed.