Fast car driver Brian O`Connor, Paul Walker, becomes involved with the gang led by Dominic Toretto, Vin Diesel, when he`s attracted to Toretto`s sister, Mia, Jordana Brewster. Brian soon proves he`s pretty good behind the wheel when he takes part in a wild, and highly illegal, road race against the district`s champ, Toretto. But Brian proves to have a hidden agenda, one which involves local gangster Johnny Tran, Rick Yune..Rob Cohen may not be the greatest director in the world, but he knows how to sling action scenes together. The Fast And The Furious is pure Saturday matinee shlock, but it`s hugely enjoyable. There`s a Mad Max element to the film - an adrenalin- charged sequence involving a speeding truck is exciting stuff. You could write the plot on the head of a pin, but the actors are pretty charismatic - Paul Walker as the blonde outsider who joins the gang, Vin Diesel as the very self confident gang leader, Jordana Brewster as his sister. Michelle Rodriguez, who made such an impact in Girlfight, is under used here, which is a pity.Comments From Margaret Pomeranz?I live my life a quarter of a mile at a time, for those ten seconds or less I?m free.? So says Dominic Toretto ? Vin Diesel ? in this clich? ridden film about drag racing in souped-up cars on city streets of Los Angeles. Dominic struts through life because he?s ?the best?. And Brian struts through the offices of the FBI because he thinks he?s ?the best? too. It?s all a bit primitive really. The only thing to be said about this film is that the races are high-octane affairs, but just like the jousting in A Knight?s Tale, the repetitions of that quarter mile race get a bit tedious. The presence of an under-cover cop investigating the high jacking of trucks for their contents is all too predictable, but the actual hi-jackings are impressive affairs. The romance is perfunctory. This is a film for rev heads. It could have been a film for a wider audience, including me, if more attention had been paid to the human drama.