In 1971, black actor and filmmaker Melvin Van Peebles (Mario Van Peebles) sets about making his second film, on the heels of his comedy, Watermelon Man. But this time it\'s not comedy on his mind, but a gritty action thriller in which a bad ass black guy pays back the injustices of some corrupt and racist police. Impossible to finance - until Bill Cosby (T.K. Carter) agrees to stump up $50,000 - the film has to be made underground to avoid the unions, posing as a black porn movie. But that\'s just the start of the emotion-laden adventure in independent political filmmaking, as Van Peebles and his family stake all on a revolutionary film in which blacks are heroes.

A father. A son. A revolution.

Baadasssss! is Mario Van Peebles\' docudrama on the making of his father\'s 1971 independent film Sweet Sweetback\'s Baad Asssss Song. Mario delivers an emotionally loaded performance as Melvin, and perfectly captures the early 70\'s and the beginning of the genre called Blaxploitation. Look out for two rare appearances from the legendary Adam West (Batman) and Sally Struthers, both are hilarious. This is a sensitive and funky take on an industry that has truly never given the African American a real voice. What Mario\'s father did would historically change the nature of cinema for ever and ultimately prove that where there\'s a will there\'s always a way. It\'s an inspiring story of a father, his son and a revolution that may never be over. Powerful history.