Paul Taylor is a world-famous New York-based dancer and choreographer with over 40 years in the business. To the background of possible strike action on Broadway, Paul prepares his company\'s latest work.


Lovers of modern dance lovers will be entranced by the inside look at a perfectionist and hard taskmaster.

a documentary study of New Yorker Paul Taylor\'s celebrated dance school, which encompasses rehearsals for a new performance with interviews with Taylor himself and key members of his staff and ensemble. Taylor, a perfectionist and hard taskmaster, becomes involved in a political situation during the course of the film when he decides to hire a non-union orchestra, because of the prohibitive cost of union musicians, This five-year-old documentary, which was an Academy Award nominee in 1998, takes the viewer into the world of this first-class dance company and explores both the plusses and minuses of Taylor\'s work. Lovers of modern dance will be utterly entranced by the inside details offered by director Matthew Diamond\'s foray into Taylor\'s world.

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1 hour 38 min