Darrin Fox, Cuba Gooding Jr., has been trying to make a name for himself in the advertising world of Madison Avenue, but when an aunt dies he returns to his small home town in Georgia for the funeral. In her will, the aunt left him some money - but on condition that he takes over the local church choir and makes certain the choir participates in a Gospel Explosion competition. The choir has seen better days, but things look up when Darrin manages to persuade hot local singer Lilly, Beyonce Knowles, to participate. The Fighting Temptations is an utterly routine and predictable film and, in the end, merely an excuse for some spirited gospel singing. Jonathyn Lynn, who has directed fish-out-of-water comedy before - he did My Cousin Vinny, also about a New Yorker who finds himself in the sticks - allows the pacing to drag and drag, until the film almost reaches the two hour mark - way too long for this kind of thing. But the redeeming ingredient is Grammy-winning Beyonce, who lends her exotic presence to the otherwise mundane proceedings, and performs a spirited rendition of the old Peggy Lee hit, Fever, which, in itself is almost worth the price of admission.