In a future where the line between man and machine has becomes blurred, the cyborg special agent Batou (Akio Á”tsuka), along with his largely human partner Togusa (Kôichi Yamadera), is assigned to investigate the \"murder\" of a gynoid (a robotic prostitute). As the murders continue, Batou and Togusa move through the future city in search of the \"ghost hacker\" behind the scenes, pausing along the way to ponder the nature of human - and cyborg - existence.  

Stylistically innovative and thought provoking, it will leave wanting more.

Reelanime is a showcase of five outstanding Japanese animation feature films, that\'s touring around the country over the next couple of months. The collection includes the much anticipated Appleseed, made using some of the latest motion capture and 3D animation technology. Reelanime also includes Mamoru Oshii\'s cult classic Ghost in the Shell, and screening for the first time in Australia, the sequel \' Innocence.

Ghost in the Shell
refers to the concept of human consciousness enclosed in a manufactured body. Innocence once again follows Cyborg Detective, Batou, in the year 2032, a future not dissimilar, to that of Bladerunner, The Matrix or I Robot. The few humans that exist, live amongst the cyborgs - human spirits with mechanical bodies. Batou and his partner, Togusa, begin investigating a series of brutal murders, committed by gynoids - female sex androids, rebelling against their masters. Their investigation leads them to the remote robotics company, Locus Solus. The characters in Innocence have to contend with the possibility that their minds could be hacked into.

As a viewer you can empathise, because Oshii\'s story is so complex - it will mess with your mind. The metaphysical conversations and philosophical meanderings both bamboozle and captivate, as Oshii poses the question - why are humans so fixated with recreating ourselves mechanically. Combining stunning artistry and an impeccable soundtrack by composer, Kenji Kawai, Innocence questions what human life actually is - arguing that it\'s more than just flesh and bones. It\'s a film you\'ll want to see more than once.