In the year 2065, Dr. Aki Ross finds she`s been infected by mysterious alien forces. She and her scientist colleague, Dr. Sid, believe she can be cured only by locating eight spirits whose combination will provide the energy to liberate her. Meanwhile vicious phantoms attack New York City, which has been relocated to a space station and Aki`s friend Capt. Gray Edwards leads forces against the monsters, hindered at every turn by the scheming General Hein...This utterly bland affair will go down in movie history as the first ever computer generated live action film - of course it`s not a live action film, but it tries to look like one, and it`s not an animated film in the sense that the computer-generated Shrek is. As you can see, the characters look bland and inhuman, despite their human voices, and so it`s impossible to care what happens to them as they go through the motions of fighting the monsters. Aki may be a first cousin to Lara Croft, but Angelina Jolie had it all over this soulless creation, and the film looks rather motonous and ugly. Actors shouldn`t be afraid for the future; these cyphers are never likely to take over from them.Comments from Margaret PomeranzNot being a fan of animation in feature films it seems that a number of movies have come along lately to convince otherwise: first there was Chicken Run, then Shrek, and most recently, Final Fantasy. And FF is an adaptation of a computer game to the big screen! But the animation is so seductive, the technology so impressive that suddenly you have to rethink the future of screen images. Is this the future of filmmaking? One wonders. As Katzenberg said of Shrek, the technology of that film was state of the art ? for ten minutes! But Final Fantasy is interesting for more than its technology. Animation has a perogative that live action misses. If one tried to introduce the mystical, spiritual elements that are embedded in FF into a live action film it would look corny. With animation you get away with it. Perhaps because of what?s been handed down from the eastern mysticism in Manga, it seems perfectly appropriate for animation to go where live action fears to tread. I found the film exciting and aesthetically pleasing. It is admittedly just another action movie, but with some satisfactory elements embedded in these fascinatingly human-like characters.